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We're getting married!

Saturday 14.10.2023

We can't wait to be surrounded by our favorite people!

The Wedding

Wedding Details

We are delighted to invite you to our wedding celebration. It will be intimate, cozy and full of love. Get ready for a weekend of joy and fun.



 3 pm

Domaine de Sarson, Grignan (F)

Our Love Story

In the midst of porcelain and pipes,
A man with charm and wit, yet unrecognized,
His sales pitch, smooth and refined,
But his dreams and hopes, now long resigned.


Then one day, through the screen of a phone,
A party game match, to his heart's unknown,
A French beauty, with a smile so bright,
Their connection, like a beacon of light.


Their conversations, deep and true,
Challenging each other, without any taboo,
And yet, she had a Master's in Law,
While he sold toilets, with nary a flaw.


But their love, it grew, step by step,
A union of hearts, like the perfect duet,
Their journey, not without its strife,
But they weathered every storm, together in life.


Their pets, a family they cherished and loved,
The foundation of their life, like a peaceful dove,
Seven years on, they took the next step,
Their love, like a symphony, with nothing to regret.


For in the end, it's not about the app,
But the love they shared, like a dream that's never to lapse.


Chat GPT  "Love of a Toilet Sales Man" March 2023

Getting There

Parking available for everyone at the domaine


Our main goal is to celebrate these days with all the people we love and since we want to make the most of it we chose a place where everybody can spend the weekend together to reconnect also with people we haven't seen in a long time

Friday 13.10.2023

The day before

Since many of you will have a long journey we will already be at the domaine on Friday evening to welcome you.

For those who decide to join us already on Friday, we organised a Food truck for small snacks and nibbles to get in the mood for the big day and have a first toast.

Check-in is possible from 4pm onwards

Food will be served around 8pm

Later arrivals will be welcome to join in

Saturday 14.10.2023

Our big day

Enjoying the morning with everybody who is already there and getting ready for the ceremony

The ceremony will start around 3pm

Arrival is possible any time before that to do your check-in and get settled

Sunday 15.10.2023

The Day after

To re-energize we welcome you to a hangover brunch with us before you start your journey home

Brunch will start at 12pm and we can use the facilities until 4pm

Check-out for the rooms is 11:30am


The Location can accommodate approximately 90 people for the overnights. There are different room types available to cater to your needs. Most of the rooms have multiple beds however there is also a small amount of private rooms. We appreciate your feedback about the prefferred type of stay so we can try and organize the available rooms as best as possible. Of course Infants and elderly people will have priority.

Once all the RSVPs have been submitted we will contact you for final confirmation and booking.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our celebration wouldn't be the same without you. Please let us know if you plan to attend by following the RSVP link below, and make note of any dietary restrictions or special requests.

Kindly RSVP by July 1st

travel 22.jpg


As we love to travel our dream is to visit South East Asia for our honeymoon. In our registry you will have the opportunity to support us on this journey by contributing to the travels or local activities


Will you be joining us on our big day ?


Please let us know for which parts of the event you would like to join us

Friday 13.10.
Saturday 14.10.
Sunday 15.10.



For those Sleeping at the Domaine we will organise the available rooms according to the RSVPS and will contact you once we have everyones feedback as the amount of private rooms is limited


If you like to add a programm point such as a speach or a game please let us know in advance so we can incorporate it in the program and make sure you have the needed time and equipment

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Please contact:

What we might have missed....

Thank you for registering and looking forward to seeing you there!

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